When Reason Fails

Many of us have spent a lot of time discussing, and sometimes arguing, political thoughts and beliefs. For some of us the current human condition, masked as political belief, has appeared to be an uncovering of a dank underbelly of humanity. We have seen bias verbalized as a norm, and for many it feels much like “here we go again”. I have personally verbalized “how can we still have so much bias and hatred in ‘our modern society’.”

When blessed with the wisdom of perception, I have recognized that for every season of humanity the thought that the human race was evolved or become modern has been paramount to holding on. Thoughts of “we are evolved, we have made it, and this time we know the answer” have plagued humankind from the beginning. There are multiple religions based solely on this premise; governments as well. There are a multitude of ancient writings attempting to understand our place in the universe in relation to God.

Most of these ancient text attempt to define the relationship between humanity and God. In a vast number of writings, dating from the earliest written text to those coming to creation in this moment, one thing remains constant; we do not know the answer, and neither did the ancient prophets and teachers, simply because there is no eternal answer in a constantly shifting universe. This statement seems sacrilegious. But I ask the questions; sacrilegious to what written history? Sacrilegious to what society? In order to address this question I contend we need context, and to be clear, I don’t wish to finish this thought with answering the question of context for any of the ancient text; instead I seek today’s answer. What is relevant to the now; do we recognize that culture, language, and society is defined by the actions it takes when the Universe proves that we are not in control, and do we recognize that the answer for today will not be the answer for tomorrow?

Experiencing life cannot be the same for me as it is for you; how could it be? I am not having the same experiences that you are; nor does anyone have my interaction with my experience. Even those of us sharing life with another do not share the same interactions with experiences. If you hesitate to believe me watch a movie with others or join a book club. Have you ever questioned “how did you and I see the same movie, or read the same book, and have a completely different experience?” Why then would I believe that my experience with God, and with life, would look exactly like yours?

Uncertainty floods us when reason fails, and we look to someone to make sense of uncertain times. Humans tend to seek someone else’s answer to uncertain times, and to complicate it more, most of the time we seek someone else’s understanding of truth. To be bold I am going to ask you to dive into my last statement. Question yourself; is this my truth or is this truth my church’s definition of truth, is this my political parties truth, is this my spouse’s truth, or my parent’s truth? I cannot direct you to your answer, but I can suggest that you dive in and determine your answer.

Why do I think this is important? It is important because in 2020 reason failed. This is an opportunity to define individually who we want to be collectively. Do we stand alone or do we stand strong as a world population? The paradigm shift forced by COVID will have a vast effect on our reentry plans. As individuals we must define our truths and recreate the world in our vision. Don’t fool yourself into believing that the world we are leaving behind was created outside of this thought; the world of division, war, and hatred of those who look different than us was created by us. It was created by a collective of ancient and ongoing group think defined by others.

Not believing in coincidence I believe that COVID during LENT is telling. Do we stand united in crucifying those whom we do not understand, or do we stand as fully integrated human beings for the creation of a one world mentality? Built on fully understanding our individual truth brought into a collective belief that all of the world population is creating together. Creating a future collective of higher thought; supporting our brothers and sisters as one world united, creating a world we can be proud of, and breaking down the regions of divisive national boarders.

This is our season; what are we going to plant?

True to the title of my blog, this has been a moment of my musings.

Peace all.


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