Have We Lost Our Belief in Magic


As I watch King Arthur: Legend of The Sword; I am struck by the magical qualities of good versus evil, or if you prefer right action versus wrong action. In this movie, as well as most movies where evil prevails and periods of darkness ascend onto the earth, there are legends of magical beings; in this case the sword of the true king (Arthur). The prevailing king killed his brother in order to obtain power; this king chose to use the powers of the underworld in order to achieve his dream of power.

It stuck me that legends and mythologies are created in order to explain opposing viewpoints, and the powers that drive these power centers. It is important to note that there are few morally acceptable actions on either side of the argument. For instance, in this particular movie, Arthur is raised in a brothel and builds his own fortune by taking from those who appear to be less moral than he. When Arthur finally takes action against a Viking who is in the coffers of the king, the story is allowed to take hold.
These legends personify good versus evil by creating characters in which the reader or viewer can become emotionally attached to. Although Arthur is himself a thief he is a beloved character; a character that creates a visceral reaction to the reader, a reaction that causes the viewer to cheer for Arthur to prevail. All legends and mythologies follow the same story line; Jesus, Mohammed, The Buddha, and all such religious leaders are part of these story lines. Each of these stories contains the Magic of other worldly sources in order to allow the protagonist to reach his or her full potential; whether in dream or through suffering of some sort; usually through both, in order to allow the growth necessary to prevail.

These stories, whether legend or mythology, should remind us to continue to believe in magic. Legends create magical swords or any number of other such things in order to bring about better times for all of the land; mythologies tell stories of prophets and leaders past who have caused humanity to remember who we are. Of course there are different paths to this remembrance, the Abrahamic religions tell the story of a God who directly intervened in humanity; Buddha laid down a path where one can become his own protagonist through self discovery; whether Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or simply a non-religion-practicing human on a journey of life, we are all called to find right versus wrong in our own way. It is the legends and the mythologies that remind us to tap into the magic that is greater than the day to day doing-ness of human existence; these stories reminds us to tab into the greater story of humanity as the whole.

There is a yin and yang of existence; it would be impossible in this physical universe for it to be otherwise. We are all part of the physicality that is existence. Legends and mythologies remind us that we are also part of the magic that is the driving force of life; this is yin and yang. Storytellers throughout history have passed down stories; are we listening; do we remain capable of tapping into the magic that defines our purpose? I invite you to read the legends and mythologies and believe; believe in the magic that allows humanity to remember its vastness; not in wealth but in our personal affinity with the magic of creation; we are yin and yang and we are all capable of magic.

Peace All!


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