On the Subject Of Trees

I love trees; I love the majestic and serene quality that a tree expresses in its very existence, and today as I was walking through campus I was drawn to an oak tree and a Colorado blue spruce that are sharing a particularly tight space; the way that these two trees share that small space opened my heart to balance. Have you ever noticed two or more trees that are sharing a space? I mean really looked at the trees and paid attention to their energy.

I realized that in nature we are given every indication of how to live on this planet; I noticed that each of these trees is forced to give up a part of itself, and yet neither tree becomes less. Both of these trees maintain majesty and strength yet neither is able to be perfect, in the everyday sense of the word. The oak tree has spots where the branches are stunted and the same is true for the spruce; both trees are growing to full height; they are each a bit bowed; but the important thing is they share a small space and create beauty in their unity.

As a part of nature humans have the same ability to share our space, and for the most part we do this well, except for the desire to express our perfectness. You see, in order for either the oak tree or the Colorado blue spruce to be perfect they would have to stand alone; they could not share space; they would have to remain separate; when we insist on being mighty we must stand alone or at the very least force others to loose themselves for our mightiness; we may look good, but we don’t learn to deny ourselves so that others may grow.

Humans tend to think in terms of us against nature; as a whole we no longer look at how we can live in balance with nature but more to how we can be a power over nature. The problem with this is we are created in balance with nature and in this balance we are a power; what we do not do is stand alone; we stand in unity with our surroundings. Pondering how the oak tree and the Colorado blue spruce tree share space and allow the other to exist brought me back to this simple and profound truth.

Peace all.



One thought on “On the Subject Of Trees

  1. You have, once again, inspired me into amazement. The image of the verdant tree is a complete story unto itself. Thank you for taking me to this place, Ken!


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